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Workshops with Athena

Dancer is posed to side in a bronze costume. One hand is behind head, the other on the hip

As a teacher, Athena loves teaching dancers of all levels. She is dedicated to helping make people feel comfortable and challenged in their dance journey. Her goal isn't to make you another Athena, but to help you become the best dancer you can be. As a student, be ready to work hard, laugh at a goofy pun, and to be reminded of how great you are. She's intensely body positive, age positive, sex positive, and works hard to build an inclusive class for any student who joins. 

Athena has taught workshops on:

  • Group choreography workshops

  • Photoshoot posing

  • Finger Cymbals and rhythms

  • Working with musicians

  • Improvisation workshops

  • Costume making 

  • Self-confidence and stage skills 

  • Choreography creation 

  • Performing with various props 

Athena is currently booking workshops for 2024. Email her at to discuss her availability and your workshop topic ideas.

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