Dancer, posed with fan. Dancer is brunette with a pink, orange and purple costume
Dancer is posed with a fan, dragging on ground. Dancer is wearing a pink, purple and orange costume

Athena loves to come to an event and create a party. She is a multi-award winning dancer who is known for an enchanting mixture of mischievous and glamourous. With over a decade of professional performance experience, you can trust her expertise in making your event special. If you have something special, she can even help create a custom experience to make your event stand out. 


Athena is the artistic director of The Hip Art Collective, a professional belly dance troupe based in Columbus Ohio, and works with several local bands. She can help find and manage any production request you can imagine! 

Book Athena for:

  •     Birthday Parties

  •     Corporate Events

  •     Weddings

  •     Restaurants

  •     Festivals ​​

  •     Live Music Events

  •     Conferences

  •     Workshops

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