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Your Year of Dance 

2 incredible teachers over 2 show stopping events- buy all and save!

Private Lessons may be available.

7/13- Electro Cult Belly Dance with Kamala Almanzar

Workshops held at-  617 E 3rd Ave, Columbus, OH 43201

Show held at- 310 E Hudson St Columbus, OH 43202

1 pm- Bodacious Belly Dance

Classic 1980s Nightclub Style

Layers upon layers. Hips subtly keeping the rhythm, Feet moving on the beat, upper body portraying the melody. All punctuated by interesting turns & a smiling face! Kamala lived this reality 6 nights a week at Arabic nightclubs with live music. This is a great style to integrate into your own repertoire. Learn it first hand!

The early ‘80s was a moment in time when Arabic nightclubs with live music proliferated around the world. The music was complex, the audiences sophisticated. The dancer was a 3rd of this partnership, expected to entertain with an educated understanding of the audience & the countries they gathered from. The dancer was also expected to understand when to pull back & allow the musicians to take center stage, & when to pull the attention to themselves. It was a magical moment in time, rarely caught on video. Kamala would like to keep the fire burning by teaching this style she still loves.

2:45- Elegant Energy for Bellydancers

 Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Reda Troupe and Reda-inspired combinations, enriched by Kamala's distinctive smooth styling. From intricate traveling steps to fluid turns and graceful arms, this workshop is a must for solo performers, stage artists, and dynamic troupes.

6 pm- Electro Cult Belly dance- Live bands and bellydance!

11/23- Rhinestone Revolution with Liah Mazz 

1069 Jaeger St. Columbus, OH 43206

1 pm- 2 hour Mejance Class 


6 pm- Rhinestone Revolution Hafla (same location) 

Private Lesson with Kamala- $65

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1:00 Bodacious Belly Dance with Kamala- $45

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2:45 Elegant Energy For Bellydancers with Kamala- $45

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Mejance With Liah-$45

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Private Lesson with Liah- $65

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