Fall in love with dance with Athena

Athena is a passionate teacher who sees the potential in every student and looks to share every aspect of the dance form she loves so much. She is always looking for new techniques and ways to help students reach the next level! Belly dance classes in taught Columbus Ohio, but are currently being taught online.

      I'm passionate about teaching this dance in a safe way for all bodies while still staying respectful to the cultures belly dancing comes from. I'm always a student, so be prepared for me to come to class so excited to show a new youtube video, dancer I love, or song I just discovered. I'm excited for you to join me in class, where we learn and grow together. I can't wait to see the dancer you become!                                    Athena

Belly dancing has a long and fascinating history, and it still being performed nightly all over the world! Join Athena in learning more about amazing art form in safe weekly classes.  

Next class session starting February 2021 at Sacred Shimmy Studios 

Join Athena and Khalisah in a deep exploration into American cabaret style. Influenced by the diaspora dancers and musicians in American supper clubs from the 60’s-80’s. American cabaret was born from this unique culture and has some defining characteristics. It is characterized by a multi part set, accompanied by props and galloping finger cymbals. In this series Khalisah and Athena will go through some of the components of this style, offering choreography and improvisation opportunities. Athena and Khalisah are offering this class exclusively online. Weekly classes and workshops will be offered. Weekly classes will be taught Monday evenings and will be available online for download or streaming afterwards.

Former students have said:
“Athena is the best professional belly dancer in the Columbus area hands down. I first met Athena a few years back and was amazed not only by her performance but her attitude, charisma and dedication to the dance form. Over the last few years, I have been able to see her continue to grow in not only the community, but with her own stylization, she has taken this dance form up the highest of levels.

I have seen her in action when it comes to teaching and she is very caring and is able to break things down so students can understand and execute the movement easily.  She is always coming up with fun and innovative ways to learn and with her charm and enthusiasm she will not only have you laughing and smiling, but dancing before you know it!!  

Athena knows the business and knows the dance form she is an encyclopedia of information!  When you go to a class you will feel welcome and at ease upon your arrival.  She wants the best for her students and when you go to one of her classes you will get the best of the best!  The Columbus area is so lucky to have her because she is a rare jewel! “