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Emily Marie is coming to teach!

Head to Toe- And everything in the middle!

2 hours with Emily Marie in Columbus Ohio

When you see Emily Marie dance you can see her dance with her whole body- from her beautiful floor patterns to the powerful shapes she creates with her arms. Emily has a special ability to take inspiration from the world and bring it into her dance. In this class Emily will teach you full body Raqs Sharqi technique to allow you to open up your body to express music and how the music makes you feel. Be prepared to work through areas of your body you never thought about in a Raqs Sharqi class. This is mostly a technique class but there will be small combination at the end to tie everything together.

We will have some light floor work - bring a yoga mat will help if you need, however Emily will offer modifications for any students.

This class is open to all styles of dance but the class will use Arabic music and Raqs Sharqi movement vocabulary. Some Raqs Sharqi/ Belly Dance experience will benefit in taking this class.

Early bird pricing (before 11/3)- $45

At the door - $50

Scholarship spot is available- reach out to Athena

Sign up here:

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