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Gold Belly dance costume with rhinestones
Blue belly dance costume
Rhinestone dance shoes

Costumes by Athena and where she shops

Athena is a dedicated costume maker. She is available for custom costume commissions. This can include tailoring an existing costumes, creating accessories, or creating a full costume. She likes to work with you to make sure the costume she is creating matches what you imagine exactly.

However, getting a custom costume can be a expensive. So, Athena has complied a list of where she tends to buy costume supplies. Please note, Athena has not been paid to put any items on this list, nor does she guarantee these products. All of the vendors on this list can be found online.


For my purposes, I do not buy Swaroski. I don't feel like the shine is worth the extra money.

Glass Rhinestones- Wish

Sew on Rhinestones- Wish, Ebay, Gigi Dilsah

Resin Rhinestones- Noella Deville

Fabric and costume base supplies:

Chiffon- Stylish Fabric

Bra cups- I tend to make my own at this point, but I love Dina cups. I would order a few sizes up.

Belt base- Thick felt interfacing. This can easily be found at most craft stores. I then cover it with my fabric.

Pins- I use quilt clips as opposed to pins.

Other Vendors:

Used Costumes- Facebook swap meets, I don't have a preferred group.

Rhinestone Necklaces- Raining Rhinestones with Joy

Ballroom Dance Shoes- Light in the Box (order a few months ahead of time, shipping can be long)

Columbus Ohio's favorite belly dancer- Athena!

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