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Sunday Shimmies
2 incredible teachers in one day- buy both and save!
9/8 at the Dallas (926 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43201)

1:00-2:30 - Egyptian Styling with Maria 

Egyptian style in belly dance, or Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, has been a phrase used widely, but may not be accurately represented in performances and teaching. Through a combined lecture and workshop format, Maria will present Egyptian stylization, terminology, and the integral folkloric roots needed in performance and teaching for accurate representation. Covering a brief history of the dance style, the country of origin, movements and combinations, and so much more, you will gain a deeper understanding of Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, and the folkloric roots that are the essential foundation of it all!

3:00- 4:30 Shimmering Shimmies with Zahra Zuhair 

Bellydance shimmies add a lot of fun and excitement to a performance! Mastering multiple shimmy techniques also allows the dancer to express the rich essences of Oriental music in a variety of ways, showing skill and expertise. Get ready to shake it up with Zahra, as she leads you through a variety of shimmering shimmies! (A strong foundation in Bellydance Basics recommended)

1:00- Egyptian Styling with Maria - $45

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3:00-Shimmering Shimmies with Zahra- $45

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All day!- $80

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