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Let’s face it. There are a lot of style names in dance. American cabaret can feel like a catch all for something that doesn’t perfectly match a style name. However, American cabaret is an encapsulation of a very specific are of dance, which is formative to Americans understanding of the dance.

In this course, we will do a week by week overview of the classic American cabaret set, from opening, to props, floor work and leaving. Expect a basic overview of each part of the classic set, including props and several combinations and variations. This allows us to learn set dynamics and musicality, which will culminate in discussing how this transitions to a modern set. Expect discussions on improvisation techniques, history and orientalism.

This course is $90 for 8 weeks. This includes live and recorded classes. In person classes are available for masked and vaccinated (showing vaccination card, with full vaccination indicated) students who can make it to Groveport Ohio, pending any covid rule changes. Hybrid options are also available. Payment can be made to (equity class spots are available). Class begins October 4th and will be from 7-8pm est.

Accessibility actions taken: recorded classes, auto generated captions, class notes via google drive, seated and standing options made, modifications to movement and language, and gender neutral language.

Upon payment or 5 days before class (whichever is later) expect an email with access to the student resource guides and websites, address and zoom links, and (optional) materials used in the course.

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